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Regular Customers

How to get Jakas Discount Card?
1. Buy any Jakas product for no less than 170€.
2. Fill out the customer’s form and submit it to the seller.
3. You will receive a card which will be activated immediately. From that moment you are a part of Jakas loyalty program.  

Jakas Discount card terms:

if you buy products from 170 to 1 450 you will receive a 5% discount;

if you buy products from 1 450 to 3 400 you will receive a 10% discount;

if you buy products for more than 3 400 you will receive a 15% discount.


Other Information:
1. The discount is applied to Jakas brand products.
2. Purchases are summed in the discount card.
3. Discount is not added to sale products. Information is provided on the label of the product.
4. Discount card is valid in all Jakas stores.
5. Jakas reserves the right to change the terms of the discount card or stop it functioning.
6. For further information, please contact stores or via e-mail: