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Online Shopping Rules

1. General provisions

These purchasing and selling rules (hereinafter the “Rules”) is a legally binding document that sets the Purchaser (hereinafter “You”) and Seller (hereinafter “We”) mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities, when you are purchasing products in online store (hereinafter “e-Store”).


2. Purchase and Sale Agreement

The contract between you and us shall be considered concluded from the moment when you added items to the cart, filled in your shipping address, chose the method of payment and have reviewed our policies. Then you click "Approve the purchase”, and you get our message by e-mail or telephone that your order is accepted.


3. Your rights

You have the right to buy items in e-Store if you follow the rules.


4. You agree:

Accept your ordered items.

If some information changes in your registration form, the data must be immediately updated.

You e-Store user agree to these Rules and you follow them.


5. Our rights:

If a customer is trying to harm e-Store’s work or stable operation, we can without notice restrict or suspend him from using e-Store also cancels the registration of the customer.

We in some circumstances can temporarily or permanently stop e-Store without prior notice to the customers.

We can unilaterally change the conditions of these rules.


6. We commit:

To create conditions for the proper use of e. shop services.

To deliver goods to your address within the agreed delivery period.

If we in some circumstances can not deliver your ordered goods, we will offer you an analogical item, but if you refuse to accept an analogical item, we will return the paid money.


7. Responsibility

You are fully responsible for the correctness of the registration form’s data. If you do not provide accurate data on the registration form, we are not responsible for the ensuing consequences.

You are fully responsible for your actions carried out using e-Store.

You are responsible for transmission of the identification code to third parties. If a third party is using your identity, you are responsible for third-party performed actions.

We are not responsible for information of other companies, even if you get into these sites via e. store links.

In the event of damage, the guilty party will compensate to the other party incurred losses.


8. Sending information

We are sending all the messages to your e-mail from your register form. If necessary, we will make a phone call.

Send all your questions and messages to e-mail or to address: Aušros al. 66 A, 76233 Šiauliai.


9. Final provisions

These rules are subject to Ministry of Law.

All disputes concerning enforcement of rules shall be settled by negotiations. Failing to agree, the dispute is settled by the Lithuanian law.