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Clothing Care

Dear customer,

We are glad that you have chosen Jakas product. Specialists of the company pay special attention to product quality throughout the manufacturing process, so we hope that this product will serve you a long time.

Since natural leather/fur clothes require special care, please read the Maintenance rules, which you need take into account.

Impregnate. Before wearing leather clothing and later once a month it is suggested to impregnate it with impregnation. If you often wear your clothing in rainy weather it is advisable to do it once a week. Impregnated clothing looks nice, it will give waterproof and will longer retain original color and appearance.

Humidity. Leather or fur item may change its original appearance: color can fade, in intensive rubbing places can wear off quicker. It is particularly easy to damage wet leather‘s surface so avoid any mechanical impact (do not carry heavy bags with it). It is advisable to dry wet clothing with a soft cloth, otherwise, the surface of leather can have spots. Dry leather clothing on a hanger in a well-ventilated room. Do not dry it in the sun or near heating appliances.

Please note that clothing made from organic leather or fur (any harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and this marks ECO label) is not protected from intense effects of water, so avoid wearing it in heavy rain or sleet.

Stains. To remove surface stains, use a soft cloth or dry sponge for leather and for suede use soft brush. To clean larger stapins use special leather care products. First of all try products on the small area of the garment, which is not visible, for example, on the inner sleeve or inner collar.

Chemical cleaning. If you seek to professionals of chemical cleaning we warn you: leather or our clothing‘s color may fade, gloss can disappear, adhesive joints can peel off and on the surface of leather can appear spots, especially noticeable on light-colored clothes. This occurs due to the chemical cleaning reactions when adhesives dissolve. Experienced specialists remove these stapins re-cleaning. If you want joints reglued you can contact nearest Jakas store.

Hanging it in the closet. If you keep your leather clothing in the wardrobe, wrap it up in special, breathable leather/fur clothing storage bag that can be purchased in nearest Jakas store.

It can make stains. Because of leather processing with natural products it can, in the beginning, make stains. So at that time, avoid direct contact with light-colored clothes.

In some cases, the surface of leather or fur without permanent coating (long-term coloring) it can be covered with varnish or paint after coloring. This especially given color or gloss may not be long-lasting, due to mechanical effect it can gradually wear down, and it is not considered a defect. 

Permeability. Since in manufacturing are mostly used linings, pleasant to the body due to natural fiber (breathable), please note that in the beginning of wearing it lining material can permeate through material and stick to another clothing (particularly visible on a dark color, synthetic clothes).

WARRANTY. Our products have 1 year warranty for sewing works. The warranty is not applied to natural wearing off or to natural materials texture, thickness and changing of shades. Clothing made from natural weather or fur there may be small thickness of leather, colors or textures differences: it emphasizes naturalness of the product and sets it apart from other clothes, gives special identity. For items which because of the defect had a discount warranty is not granted.

If you did not like the model, size did not fit or clothing was uncomfortable, you can return it within 14 days and get a full refund or exchange it to similar product (with a term that clothing was not worn). In order to return the product or change to a different model, size: it is necessary to have the original purchase receipt.

Jakas reserves the right to reject the claim, if the product was not properly worn and maintained, if it was used not following rules and recommendations.