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White remains to be the most popular color of the season. Little white dress changes the little black dress. Best: minimalist to fit more than one season. White dresses are easy to change with accessories. Purity and versatility characterize white clothes.


Many 2014 year’s spring - summer collections were dominated by blue color. Whether the sky blue, cobalt or lavender any of these shades will provide the sense of vacation and calmness. Psychologists say that the color blue gives person self-confidence and helps achieving goals.


In summer it is necessary to have something green. It is the color of nature, grass and summer. If you want to immediately feel more relaxed and calm, put on something green!


What is summer without multicolored, patterned clothes? Especially without floral motifs: they have been fashionable for a very long time and we are sure they will still be. Cute, flowered dress emphasizes femininity and gives freedom, romantic feel.


                                                                                       Enjoy all kinds of colors!