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About us

Past and present. We are Jakas: manufacturer of high quality, stylish clothing, and accessories made of leather, fur, wool, and linen. Ever since Jakas founded the house in 2003, the brand became popular due to the original design and high quality natural raw materials. Now in order to serve customers’ needs, we have stores in Šiauliai and Vilnius. All of the brand‘s products are manufactured in Lithuania, its quality and style meet European standards.

Employees. Jakas employees are highly qualified in particular fields. Many employees in the company: sewers, technologists, designers have at least 10 years of experience in leather, wool, linen or wool manufacturing.
Our products are not produced by machines. Each of them requires a lot of careful handmade and technological knowledge. Therefore, skilled employees are able to produce high-quality products.

Natural and original production. Our main production exclusiveness is that it is made only from natural materials: fur, leather, linen, wool and half wool. For such a broad spectrum of production,  we need a special understanding of technologies of manufacturing. We are one of the most versatile companies, who only manufacturers in Lithuania. Our customers appreciate the products due to the high quality materials, original designs and handmade details.

Exhibitions. We regularly participate in various exhibitions and presentations there we present our latest collections. Jakas is a permanent participant of exhibition Moterų pasaulis (Woman‘s World) in Kaunas. Jakas showcased its production in exhibition Baltic Textile and Leather in Litexpo palace, Vilnius. And in Baltijos stilius (Baltic-Style) fashion event Šiaulių naktys (nights of Šiauliai). We always get great reviews. In exhibition Rinkis prekę lietuvišką (Made in Lithuania) we got a medal for the best dress.